Proper Use of Pressure Cookers and Basic Device Care

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Every single day, pressure cookers make people’s lives easier. Long hours of cooking are no longer necessary because pressure cookers can reduce cooking time by up to 50%. This is because the pressure cooker is designed to trap all steam and prevent evaporation. This causes the pressure inside the chamber to build up and this increases the internal temperature of the contents, making it easier and faster to be cooked.

Using the relationship between pressure and temperature, the method of pressure cooking was invented and is now common knowledge amongst cooks. Furthermore, this method of cooking can keep the nutrients in the food it cooks. It’s no surprise that so many people are addicted to this device.

The designs of the top pressure cooker brands have been proven to last years, with proper handling and care. Their innovations and features that ease the process of cooking are the reason why pressure cookers are really favored amongst household cooks and professional chefs. Some pressure cooker brands, on the other hand, have been reported to overheat and explode.

In fact, victims of these brands have been reported to have suffered severe burn injuries. The explosions caused by these defective products also pose a hazard in the kitchen since there are electric sockets that may be damaged due to exposure to wet food caused by the explosions. The explosions are sometimes accompanied by broken debris of metal from the pressure cooker and these can cause serious harm by piercing the skin of nearby people.

As a result, many law firms have deemed a number of pressure cooker lawsuits necessary. This action serves to weed out all of the defective and harmful pressure cookers in the market before they spread out and be purchased by unwary consumers. To know more about these lawsuits regarding defective pressure cookers, go to this page.

As with any device, pressure cookers need proper handling to avoid malfunctions and accidents. Using it without proper knowledge will only cause harm to the user.  To avoid this, we’ve prepared some tips on how to properly use a pressure cooker:

Read the instruction manual

When buying new cooking equipment, it is always important to read the instruction manual that usually comes with the product. Even if you have prior knowledge of operating similar cookers, some products may have different configurations, depending on the brand. The instruction manual covers all the necessary precautions and instructions on operating the cooker. This will also include the things you must avoid doing while using the cooker so make sure to read manuals thoroughly.

Check your pressure cooker and cooking equipment

When you have finished going over the instructions manual, it is time to check the equipment. First, examine the pressure cooker for cracks, dents, or any deformities. Make sure that the cover also closes securely and does not detach easily when locked in. Any defects like these can cause accidents while pressure cooking. Once the cooker has been thoroughly examined, check the cooking range for any malfunctions before cooking. Pressure cooking is usually done unattended so make sure there are no leaks in the gas lines to prevent fires or gas explosions.

Add an appropriate amount of liquid when pressure cooking

The amount of liquid used in pressure cooking is essential because it can make or break your recipe. Too much liquid will cause the cooker to overflow and too little will not cook the food throughout. The liquid is also responsible for producing the steam that will ensure that the pressure inside the cooker rises and thus increasing the internal temperature as well. The optimal amount is any amount that fills the pressure cooker up to two-thirds of its height, including the solid food inside.

Do not overfill the pot

Most people make the mistake of overfilling the cooking pot and this causes the cooker to overflow. The result is that sometimes the pressure exceeds the force of the lid and causes the top of the lid to blow off. Sometimes, froth appears on the edges if the food inside overflows and causes leaks around the pot, which makes the pot surface dirty and the cooking surface as well. Make sure not to go beyond the indicated levels in the recipes when pressure cooking.

Use the appropriate heating method

Pressure cookers can be used in different types of cooking ranges, whether induction, electric, or gas. Different types of cooking ranges have their own advantages when pressure cooking. Using gas ranges is the most common and easiest method since controlling the heat is easy using analog controls. Induction and electric stovetops, on the other hand, require mastery since the heat goes up and down in an instant and it may cause overcooking if not controlled correctly.

Learn how to release the pressure correctly

Another method of controlling the internal temperature of the pressure cooker is releasing some of the steam trapped inside the pot. By releasing the steam inside the pot, the pressure inside goes down, thus also lowering the internal temperature of the food being cooked. Also known as the “quick-release” method, this method needs to be done using pot holders as the steam cooking out of the pot is very hot and can damage the skin of the hands.

Cooking with a pressure cooker is a fun and easy way to make meal prep times a lot shorter and it gets more flavor out of the ingredients this way. Still, this requires constant practice to master, as with any technique in cooking. With these in mind, here are some of the best tips for improving your cooking expertise. So keep these tips in mind the next time you use a pressure cooker.

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