Spring Rampage Pickles

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Yes i know everyone is doing ramp pickles right now. But this is less about pickled ramps and more of a study in spring quick pickles.

if you will.

Up here in the berkshires of massachusetts these babies are in full bloom right now.

But you could do spring onions if that’s what’s sprouting in your hood. My neighbor brought over this lovely jar of homemade maple syrup. he doesn’t like to boil it down as much as the store-bought stuff. i call it maple honey.

If you don’t have a neighboring farmer making maple syrup or honey, i’m sure you have some neighboring bees making flower honey.

and this is the fun part. herbs! what herbs are you or your local farmer growing now?

my lovage is forever the first to come soaring out of the ground each spring. it’s taste is that of robust italian parsley with a few ornery celery leaves strewn in. you could always use that mix to replicate this lovely herb. (but make sure those celery leaves are really ornery, like they should be shouting at you).

these pickles my friends, are positively exploding with the taste of my spring! your turn – gather up a local edible allium, herb and sweetener and we’re in busyness! i’ll have you making a quick spring pickle that’s loaded with the taste of your very own terrior.

’cause that’s what the real hoopla is about now isn’t it?

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