Tigress has a brand new facebook page! (plus bribes!)

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Let me start this off by saying that this is rather embarrassing. some of you may remember about a year ago, when i changed my facebook page the first time. but i figure we’ve known each other long enough, i can be vulnerable. look, i luv facebook as much as the next cat. (maybe even more, i’ve watched the social network 3 times!) but i’ve had a few issues with it – or it with me.

first, it seems that tigress is a 4 letter word – or was. whenever i tried to use it on its own facebook would say – NOT. which is why i had to come up with a couple of weird acronyms over the last year and a half. that part is all better now – i don’t know why, but i ain’t asking any questions. but, unlike twitter, you can’t just change the name of your page, you have to re-invite everyone to LIKE you.

Now you may ask yourself why, since my page is going strong – a nice little hang out for those of like mind and taste – would i go through all this trouble? to that, i give you this:

as some of you may have noticed over the past few months i’ve changed my twitter handle to @hungry_tigress, along with my email to hungrytigress(at)me(dot)com. all of this in anticipation of a big move to WordPress and the redesigns of tigress in a jam and tigress in a pickle, both of which will be housed within the URL www.hungrytigress.com (coming soon).

so as you can imagine not having my facebook page in line with all that, well… it’s killing me. (i promise, i’m working on it).

lo and behold, just when i thought i might have to give up and live with this thorn in my paw, the mighty facebook bestowed upon me a page with the name of hungry tigress (with caps, but i’ll take it, son!)

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