Whole pickled blueberries

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Did you ever wish a blueberry was a tomato? probably not. perhaps if you’ve had to become as familiar with late season blight as we’ve had to here in the northeast you might have..but never-you-mind because even if you have thousands of tomatoes falling off your bushes and you’re eating juicy heirloom tomatoes out of hand at every meal and your bottling your year’s supply of sauce and your pickling the green ones and salsa-ing the red ones…

even if you are doing all of that I say this: tomatoes ain’t got nuthin’ on blueberries. i mean, tomatoes are peachy and all but… blueberries go better with champagne. blueberries like exotic spices that can take you here and here in a single jar. blueberries are falling off my trees and if you’ve ever heard that expression ‘love the one you’re with’then you know what i’m talking about. but seriously folks. ahem. all tomato envy aside (ok i said it!). this is the berry thing that i have been searching for!

it’s sweet and kind of jammy, but with a delicious pickled tang. the berries remain whole so the texture is divine, and the spices give it a hint of exotica that pairs as well with (dare i say) a meaty (free range, organic, grass-fed, happy life and all that jazz) main course or a scoop of frozen dessert.

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