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photo what julia ate

First i want to send a big wet furry tigress kiss (ewwww!) to everyone that participated in the great can jam of 2010! whether you participated in each & every month or just a very few, whether you’ve blogged along with me, or followed along quietly at home, whether you’ve put jar to boiling water for the very first time right here, or taught me a thing or two…

it just wouldn’t have been a ball without you! 🙂 (well ok, let me just give one weee little extra shout-out for those of you that canned every month throughout the entire 2010!)

i’m touched by all the thanks and kind words about the can jam on many of your blogs this last month. thank you. i hope the intentions of celebrating and saving local produce, building a vibrant on-line canning community that’s both inspiring and helpful, and having fun while doing it all were realized. mostly i hope that if you’ve been learning to can with us here, your enthusiasm and delicious creations will inspire others to can. finally, if you haven’t starting canning yet don’t despair because now is the perfect time! there’s a whole lotta info in the side bar essentials section to the right, and a whole lotta-lotta recipes from all of the can jammers listed by month in the side bar too!

now on to december’s recipes – i know some of you thought i was crazy when i said dried fruit. ahem, howya like me now?… photo café del manolo

chutneys, conserves & compotes apple cherry compote with hazelnuts – locally preserved ooh, a compote! finally a compote. i have been thinking lately that we really need to start a compote renaissance, no? oh, and i am all about this spicy fig jam!

apple cranberry raisin conserve with port and thyme – prospect: the pantry i really love your pairing suggestions! a little conserve brightens up wintry dishes it’s so true!

bengal style chutney – flamingo musings yes i agree, indian flavors can turn even the most mundane tofu steak into a magnificent meal! 🙂

chewy spicy chutney – tigress in a pickle this chutney is hot! (and he knows it) cranberry chutney – sugar crafter did you say tangy chutney? you do know i’m a chutney-lover, don’t you? and how great that you’re going to keep on canning!

dried fruit conserve (minced-no-meat) – café del manolo i don’t think i have to say twice that this is my kind of conserve! and i love that you’re going to make a pie with it for your father-in-law. ‘updated’ family favorites are where it’s at! 🙂

figgy lemon chutney – grow & resist first, i just like sayin’ this; figgy lemon chutney, figgy lemon chutney, figgy lemon chutney…second, this looks like a wonderful adaptation of my beloved onionz limone (RIP).

mango chutney – leena eats this blog i love me a good mango chutney, and this one sounds amazing with dates, raisins and curry powder! congratulations on your pregnancy too!

pear & dried apple chutney – notes from a country girl living in the city i’m just wondering if you compared the ratios to an existing recipe from a good source. the acid level could be questionable here.

pear port compote – backyard farms love the photos of you and your year of jarred bounty, love that you did a compote, and love the pelham variation!

persimmon & dried cherries with brandy conserve – showfood chef i’ve never had a persimmon, fuyu or hachiya, but i’m damn sure going to try one now! pronto!

rhubarb conserve – bigger than a breadbox i for one am always looking for ways to preserve rhubarb, since i happen to have a field of it. thanks for this one!

spicy cranberry chutney – just the right size did you just say fan-friggin-fabulous? i think you did! well ok, then. i think that means you like it! (and i must say this looks like much more than a cranberry chutney!)

photo the kitchenette jams, jellies, preserves & marmalade apricot cranberry & amaretto jam – laundry, etc. i love it! and thanks for the sugar % info on canned and non-canned fruit – very good to know!

CherryMeyerGingerAde – rufus & clementine look, you made me use caps! this one looks all nikki – love the dried cherries in a marmalade!

christmas jam – what julia ate kudos to you for making this! it has been on my list for a while – and yours looks mouthwatering! …here kitty, kitty, kitty.

cranberry jam – all types of cooking and a whole lot of canning here! i love the idea of cranberry and pecans! now, tell me, is it really true that this can cool you off when it’s 100 degrees outside!?

cranberry marmalade with dried apricots – food in jars you just keep taunting me with that book don’t you? (i totally know what you mean about book recipe emergencies – i have 3 books i’m totin’ now!) oh, and the cardamom sounds perfect in this!

cranberry orange marmalade – toronto tasting notes candied ginger and cranberries are one of my favorite combos! and i agree, these would make wonderful holiday presents! festive indeed!

dried fig jam with lemon & port – cafe libby i love figs so much i thought about making a dried fig jam for my entry this month too! glad you did! 🙂

habenaro hot pepper jelly – the kitchenette you are going to have a lot of happy family members this christmas, aren’t you? you rockstar-i-learned-so-much-in-the-can-jam you!

jalapeño sunshine – knit & nosh i would eat this for the name alone, yes i would!

name that marmalade – hip girl’s guide to homemaking hurry peeps, get on over there and name kate’s marm to win a jar! so great, kate, to be reminded of your enthusiasm at the start of the can jam…and look at you now – you preservin’ fool you! 🙂

quincemeat preserves – the artisanry of acorn cottage yay for you! this looks resourceful, original, and most of all – delicious!

red onion marmalade with dried cranberries – my caffeine diary if it’s quite tasty then of course you did it right! i don’t hear your friends complaining, do you? (all i hear is those crackers crunching!)

savory triple-ginger pear preserves – married …with dinner i’m a ginger lover, so this one is calling my name…and i see you got yourself some weck jars. nice!

spiced cranberry preserves – bread making with the bread experience this looks like the perfect condiment of the holiday table! and the color is beautiful too!

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