Plumbing Considerations When Renovating The Kitchen

Must Try Recipes reveals homeowners can get approximately 53.9% return on investment on a major kitchen remodel project, according to a report on Homeserve. Arguably, the kitchen is the heart of any home and when well designed it can improve the entire look and value of a  property. Since it plays a significant role in the home, many property owners prioritize the kitchen during renovations.

While kitchen remodels add value to your property, the process isn’t straightforward. There are many factors you’ll need to consider, and plumbing is one of the most important considerations. So whether you’re looking at designing an eco-friendly kitchen or want to add luxury features, you should never overlook plumbing upgrades. Keep reading to learn a few plumbing considerations when renovating the kitchen.

Review the Kitchen Layout

Before home renovations begin, you need to identify ideal layouts for your kitchen with plumbing in mind. Remember, it’s easy to pay more attention to the kitchen designs and finishes and disregard plumbing. Doing so can have a significant impact on the functionality of your kitchen in the long run.

Therefore, take the time to evaluate your kitchen layout and determine the features you want to add or remove. If you’re like many homeowners, you probably want to move or add kitchen counters, install new appliances, and revamp your flooring. With that said, pick a spot for your dishwasher, refrigerator, and countertops based on the locations of your plumbing and not the appearance of your culinary space only.

Reroute Your Pipes

Once you have designed your kitchen layout and have a clear picture of where you’ll position your new appliances, island sink, and other essential fixtures, it’s time to move your pipes. Rerouting plumbing pipes is a challenging task that requires a high level of expertise. According to plumbers in Carmel Indiana, it’s crucial to find experienced plumbing service providers to work on your home’s plumbing.

Whether it’s repiping water lines, replacing faucets, installing new sinks, or water leaks, finding a reliable plumber is vital to ensure all plumbing elements in the kitchen function properly. A professional plumber will work efficiently and quickly to save you time and money.

Consider Modern Plumbing Fixtures

There are several benefits of switching to modern plumbing systems, including low maintenance and increased efficiency when rerouting pipes. Replacing conventional iron pipes with the latest PVC pipes is an excellent way to upgrade plumbing in the kitchen, as they require minimal care and reduce plumbing issues. Other kitchen plumbing upgrades worth investing in include installing a water filter, hands free faucets, tankless water heater, garbage disposal, or pot filler.

Each upgrade offers many perks. For example, a pot filler reduces the need to fill stock pots with water in the sink. With a swing out faucet under your stove, you don’t have to worry about lifting a heavy pot or spilling water. On the other hand, a garbage disposal collects wastes, preventing large food scraps from blocking the main pipes.

The kitchen is an integral part of the home. However, for it to function properly, the plumbing system must be in perfect condition. For this reason, you need to prioritize plumbing whenever you’re remodeling your kitchen. Make sure to design your layout with plumbing in mind, reroute your pipes, and upgrade plumbing elements.

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