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All you can jammers in the house jumped headfirst into the pickling process and for that i’m proud! Family recipes & memories, experienced canners branching out and first time cuke-picklers too! i do hope that the newbies in the bunch discovered just how easy pickling can be…and for all you peeps out there just getting ready to pickle,

Pickle this:

photo local kitchen


Bread & butter pickles – prospect: the pantry she breaks out the big one: sweet hot. …and a good idea about a taste-test sample in the fridge. what? this too!

Bread & butter pickles – sustainable pantry these look quite yummy my dearz – and i would love to hear more about that square foot garden of yours. you know what i say: grow cukes!

Bread & butter pickles – sugarcrafter i knew you’d come around to the salty side…and you got your thinking cap on too! picnic size 8 ounce jars, open kitchen windows. see how nice things can be? 🙂

Bread & butter zucchini pickles – knit and knosh i expect you to report back here in 3 weeks missy!

cantaloupe pickles – flamingo musings i actually made similar pickles last summer and i can agree – they are weird & wonderful!

crisp sweet pickle – simply loving home the rind idea is great! watch the head space, & hot water bath for 10 minutes…

dill pickle chips – …oh briggsy! what she said: i like me pickles crisp, like chips! …and you can do it in the can!

dilly beans – bigger than a breadbox i am so happy that she broke out the local clause. ’cause cukes will come & go, but local is as local does. and this is as pickled as a pickler could ever pucker for! 🙂

earle’s dills – backyard farms this is a treasure! a tried & true family recipe shared with all of us. thank you!

gingery watermelon pickles – rufus & clementine i think i need to try these. and i wanna know how your second batch goes too – bryant’s! i’ll be checking back!

green & yellow squash pickles – market life sf yikes! those zukes don’t stand a chance around that fancy mandoline! and they looks so nice & svelt in those jars too. 🙂

kosher dill pickles – notes from a country girl living in the city sounds like a great old book! here’s a lovely place for a reminder to all: if you’re using an old book for canning, make sure to compare to current USDA guidelines for up-to-date safety!

quick dill pickles – breadmaking with the bread experience yo, yo, yo, you dillin’! …a good & basic dill pickle recipe. right heyaaa!

quick dills – what julia ate she had big plans (melons preserved in jars) and empty hands (melon season comes later in the N.E.) but she didn’t come up empty-handed. pucker up to these!

ice-brined garlic dill pickles – married …with dinner i really dig your tenacity. and i think i would really dig these pickles. can i come over for a bite? 🙂

mcClure’s pickles – mother’s kitchen yes i’ve had them, yes i love them. but i love even more that you made them yourself, & i love your label too!

mixed pickle #1 – doris and jilly cook you heard it declared from the mouth of goats all across the interweb – “this is the year of the vinegar pickle!” – this cat ain’t gonna argue with that!

pickled watermelon rind – well preserved pickles & memories, i’m beginning to learn just how many people have these…great post j&d!

pickled watermelon rind – thinking out loud er, and lemon rind, don’t forget the lemon rind. 😉

pregnancy pickles – put a lid on it it’s a girl! it’s a girl! it’s a girl! (oh and i would process these pickles for 10 minutes, not 5).

simply good dill pickles – inn brooklyn the name says it all – who could ask for more? (between me & you, crunchy canned dills are not so easy, bravo!)

slap my hind with a watermelon rind – mock paper scissors (i couldn’t figure out if that was the name of your pickle or not. if i’m wrong, i’m just happy i got to say it). and there’s also spicy dill pickles! and another great round of tips & bonus tracks from tengrain’s little cooking school.

spicy garlic dill pickles – my caffeine diary uh oh! you waited to pickle ‘dem cukes…fingers crossed! (i hope they’re not too soft).

summer squash pickle – laundry etc i love that the can jam turned you on to pickles! & you went for the down-home bread and butters! what’s next for you, watermelon rind pickles? …you’ll be the talk of the village!

the best bread & butter pickles – all types of cooking and a whole lot of canning here! that’s what she said. particularly if you like a sweet pickle! and go here if you like a hot garlic dill. mmhmm.

watermelon rind pickles with garam masala & jalapeno – showfood chef and she’s also making a TON of these babies too – for her daughter’s wedding!! how great!

zucchini cornichons – wine book girl these pickles are inspiring me! what a great idea to use up all those little monsters! how do they taste?

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