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I was in a real pickle about where to post all these amazing asparagus recipes this month. should i post them here with all the ridiculous (i mean that in a good way) rhubarb recipes? …or here, ’cause they are all pickles!

i think i made the right choice.

“omg, tigresses are so dumb” ahem…it’s a tough crowd.

photo stetted

pickles, pickles & more pickles!

asparagus pickles – post-industrial eating oh carol, they look gorgeous! and i am so happy you are back on your feet. i think you are going to enjoy these little lovelies when you pop them open!

bloody mary asparagus – locally preserved some like it hot, and some like it hotter (me). love the horseradish and hot sauce additions!

last minute pickled asparagus spears – put-a-lid-on-it you are a trooper you are. your little one is gonna love pickles i tell ya!

pickled asparagus – cafe del manolo as a garnish for ceaser salad! sounds like a perfect pairing! makes me want to pickle some spears right now!

pickled asparagus – flamingo musings but i love rhubarb & fennel!! er, nevermind…we’re talkin’ about asparagus here and it’s one of your favorites (whew!). about that recipe…what? you don’t have 22 lbs of asparagus laying around?

pickled asparagus – just the right size nutmeg, nutmeg…love the nutmeg! (ahem, and please see below regarding local!) 🙂

pickled asparagus – stetted i think you are really going to like these…the lemon adds a nice twist!

pickled asparagus – family & food i said it before & i’ll say it again. you are not lacking in your preserving prowess this month. the white asparagus does look very pretty! …and thanks for the asparagus & egg idea, i like it!

pickled asparagus – mother’s kitchen tellin’ it like it is…thanks for that link! a can jammer can never be too informed!

pickled asparagus – hip girl’s guide to homemaking I totally dig your resourcefulness! and it’s all about a kitchen eco-system. it’s very important when trying to eat seasonally, locally, & stretching all that year round.

photo cafe del manolo

pickled asparagus – all types of cooking and a whole lot of canning here! yes, be kind to asparagus – spears facing up please! (those little guys would get all confused in there if they had to do headstands for weeks, don’t ya think?)

pickled asparagus & fiddleheads – backyard farms i absolutely love the way you fiddled with this recipe!

pickled asparagus bits – well preserved don’t worry your secret is safe with me (’cause i do it too!). and these bits are just a bit genius imo. thinking cap peeps, thinking cap, yes!

pickled asparagus with curry & spices – prospect: the pantry ok, i love anything curried! i am really curry-ous (had to) to know how these turned out, let us know! …oh, and talk to joel above about floaters. 😉

spicy pickled asparagus – cafe libby ya need to pack ’em in, pack ’em in, and maybe give ’em a seat belt ala well preserved. but they’ll taste just as good, so no worries!

spicy pickled asparagus – sustainable pantry thank you so much for that tip on chinese medicine – now i have an excuse to be a sour puss! 😉 …and don’t worry, june 1st is almost here. but i am sure you will enjoy this little jar!

spicy pickled asparagus – oh briggsy! i love how you peeps put two and two together…asparagus & booze. why not? works for me.

tarragon pickled asparagus – notes from a country girl living in the city oh how very french of you! tarragon she adds…for sure you are gonna love these! let us know when you pop them open!

whew!…ya done good this month guys and girls! and if you do not see your link rounded-up above go here for the reason why.

I noticed that some of you had trouble finding the food in focus in season in your clime. in order to meet the challenge you purchased frozen rhubarb or peruvian asparagus – for example. and that’s ok.

But i want to bring back into focus the local intention, and i quote:

  • substitute of food in focus is acceptable only if it really is not in season where you are and you would rather use a fruit or veggie that you can source locally. in this case, effort should be made, if possible, to choose a substitute that is closest to the focused food. and please, don’t let this stop you! we’re learning about canning here people! so can what you can!

It is very, very cool that everyone is really trying to work with the produce in focus. but as we head smack dab into the thick of preserving season there will most likely be abundant fruits and veggies from farmers in your community. if you really don’t have the food in focus close to home, then by all means take the above into consideration.

And on to june! please hop over to see joel and dana at well preserved because they have until this friday at midnight to let you know what’s about to be in your kitchen and in your jars!

Please note that june’s entry must be posted sunday june 20th to friday june 25th, with friday at midnight being the deadline. and if you haven’t been there yet, go here for more rhubarb than you can shake an asparagus at! now go forth and preserve!

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