Spicy pickled green beans

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I know, i know. everyone’s doing it. dilly beans, dilly beans, dilly beans…who can complain about these garden stalwarts?

look, it’s a massacre over here. late season blight has wreaked havoc on all 16 of our tomato plants. i can’t even show you the gruesome truth via photos as every last one of those poor little suckers had to be torn from the ground, bagged and hauled off.

this is a recurring and devastating site around much of the northeast this summer. it’s not pretty folks. but a least i got a hill a beans…

green beans, i must admit, i have never really thought much about them. they’ve just always been, you know, there. being there (here) has taken on a whole new meaning in my garden this year between the weather and the blight…what’s a pickler to do??? make dillys!

spicy pickled green beans

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