Gooseberry chutney with Bengali spice

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I am going to start by saying this is not your typical english ‘bottled’ chutney. you’ll find no onions or garlic here. standard english chutney fare, they.

No, this is a chutney you might be served in a welcoming home on the banks of the kerala backwaters, share with your lover while lounging beneath a sri lankan coconut palm, or even enjoy tipped from a tiny stainless tin while making the rounds of your lunchtime thali. this, just before hitting the streets of delhi on way to your favorite chai walla.

In India there are many forms of chutney. some ‘fresh’ that must be consumed within a day or two of the making. and then there’s cooked. there are a myriad of cooked chutneys, the sweet fruity ones are often times similar in texture to a thick jam.

You’ll find no added vinegar here, and in fact might be inclined to slather this on your morning toast with a bit of chevre or cream cheese. i would be inclined to join you, but, please place a dollop or two next to your spicy shrimp and rice dish, or roll it up in a flat bread with some yogurt and curried vegetables. then you will truly know what i’m roaring about.

there’s a world of flavor out there my friends. and didn’t someone once say, eat locally, taste globally. or did i just make that up?

gooseberry chutney with bengali spice

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